Infernal Resources – For the Satanically Inclined


What follows is a list resources, both archived and currently in production that can be of use or may be of interest to fellow Citizens of the Infernal Empire and others who are interested in our subculture and individual initiatives. A short description will follow the link and a personal review may provide further information as I see fit to promote. This list will be edited and updated as I come across sites I deem to be of relevance or interest.

  • The Official Church of Satan Website – – The one, the only official Church of Satan presence on the internet. Satanism, as codified by Anton Szandor LaVey and currently headed by High Priest Peter H. Gilmore and Magistra Peggy Nadramia is the only religion which champions individuality, pride and indulgence while extolling responsibility to the responsible. This website presents a plethora of valuable and factual information for those seeking the truth about the most infamous religion in the world.

  • 9 Sense Podcast: –  Defining the Greater Satanic Conversation with host COS Reverend Adam Campbell, 9 Sense is an exemplar of meaningful topics and subjects which should interest any Satanist worth their brimstone. With segments by Warlocks and Witches of the Church of Satan, there are discussion on a myriad of real world and esoteric interests to delight any advocate of pride, liberty and individualism.

  • Helle Magazine – A beautiful internet-zine manifested by the lovely and talented Witch Tania and Priestess Palmer of the COS. With articles and interviews touching upon the unique, bizarre and novel, Helle is a diabolical landscape that has much to offer.

  • Radio Free Satan –  A network of streaming and archived Satanic Podcasts, including music, comedy and commentary. Pick your poison and sip it slow, they’ve got it all.

  • Confessions of a Wicked Witch – From the luscious lips of the Wicked Witch herself, Magistra Ygraine of the COS brings a comical, intelligent and passionate perspective to the world. This podcast resides on Radio Free Satan, but is of special note as the commentary touches upon subjects such as raising children, family and other rarely discussed topics within the elite subculture of Satanism.

  • Old Nick Magazine – The world’s only men’s website and publication with a decidedly dark bent. ADULTS ONLY!

  • Sinfully Delicious Magazine – An online magazine devoted to producing worthy interviews, multimedia reviews, articles, essays and links to further promote Satanism. It has not been updated since 2010, but with countless interviews, essays and articles it is more than worthy of reading when you have the time.

  • The Fire From Within, by Magister Nemo – A webpage for purchasing Magister Nemo’s book, a collection of essays and articles that he has released over the years. Engaging and defining to those who have the black flame burning within them, Nemo emboldens those who already have the strength within them to choose their own path.

  • Discovering The Satanic God, The Achievement of Infinite Self Esteem – – Magister Nemo’s first audio program, a powerful message explaining the Satanic Enlightenment and inviting the listener to step onto the path to achieving infinite self-esteem. A truly life altering message is promoted within this offering, allowing you to truly see the world as it really is.

  • The Seventh Tower of Satan, Doing Greater Satanic Magic In the Privacy of Your Own Mind – – Magister Nemo’s second audio program, a truly groundbreaking promotion of performing ritual magic in the warrens of your own imagination. With imagery conjured from tales of the legendary Seventh Tower of Satan, Magister Nemo guides you through your mind and aids one in manifesting a place where all of your greater magic may be done.

  • Beneath The Seventh Tower of Satan, Doing Greater Satanic Magic In the Privacy of Your Own Mind – – Magister Nemo’s third audio program, an addition to his first program of the same name. This delves deeper into chambers not yet created, and presents for consideration the infinite frameworks available for those desiring to use this invaluable tool for their own devilish purposes.

  • Letters To The Devil – – An older style social media forum site hosted by Magister Ventrue, still active and used by COS members and others wishing to converse on various topics and subjects of interest. Quite a treasure chest of information is available in the old posts and current forums if one only seeks it out.

  • The Undercroft – – The newer format social media site from Magister Venture, complete with more customization options and available interactions between members of the site. A veritable playground for those wishing to promote their individual ideas and that desire to consort with others.

  • Purging Talon – – A media company headed by Magister Matt G. Paradise, author and editor of several books as well as countless media promotions of various types. With some truly delightful ‘Terror Transmissions” and media reviews, their is a vertiable vault of fun to be had within the confines of Purging Talon.

  • Scapegoat Publishing – – Focusing on books of dark endeavors and controversial topics, this small book publisher has several interesting volumes for purchase. Sometimes, the darkest of places hold the finest of treasures.

  • Underworld Amusements – The work of Kevin I. Slaughter, Underworld Amusments promotes various literature, media and personal intiatives by some of the most intriguing and erudite individuals out there. With everything from comedic essays and humorous media clips, to scholarly books and in depth research analysis’ of novel subjects, Underworld Amusements is an ever evolving masterpiece with a devilish bent.


Additional Resources: (this section compiles the general interest promotions I have found worthwhile and of use, in no particular order)

Things Your Pastor Never Told You – A recent article, worth a look and certainly interesting in its espousements. For believers and non-believers alike.

Evil Bible – – If you’re ever looking for specifics verses or entries in the religious texts of the Bible and the Torah (New and Old Testaments) that explain and detail the attrocities not only supposedly commited but supported by those who believe, this is a good place to start.

Bible Gateway – This comprehensive tool is one of the resources I use when researching my topics for review in my assessments of the services I attend. With the ability to customize your search by verse, chapter and edition of the Bible (of which there are many) you can view in full context the scriptures. So when someone quotes a single verse, you can look it up to find just what kind of meaning it truly had.

The Thinking Athiest – Assume Nothing. Question Everything. Challenge the Opposition. And Start Thinking. This website is a conglomerate of podcasts, articles and essays that delve deeply into the various promotions and literations of Atheism, Theism and everything in between. Not strictly confined to the debate on Belief and Faith, many interesting reviews and assessments of interesting philosophical topics can be found here as well.

2 thoughts on “Infernal Resources – For the Satanically Inclined

  1. You have no idea how much I appreciate THIS! I’ve just recently discovered the Church of Satan website. I don’t know what brought me there or how I got there, I’m just happy that I did.

    So, I’m currently going further to study Satanism accordingly. I’ve got The Satanic Bible and The Satanic Rituals, ordered via, in route to my house as I type.

    Although I’ve found some great sites, this post helps me even further. Thank you.


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