Militant Atheism – A Bone To Pick

I have a bone to pick with my fellow atheists, and in some cases I am sure fellow Citizens of the Infernal Empire. For more than most, we are individuals and should recognize the unique assertions, demands and requirements of this life, our world without end. And that bone would be one that I have been hearing all too much in years of late; the promotion of a strictly nonreligious society. Nevermind that people have a very strict and skewed viewpoint of what “religion” can be and actually is.

Now, you may despise the precepts and dogmas available no matter the flavor and I affirm that I am most certainly right there with you on almost all accounts. I do not identify with the need to believe and worship an unknowable force which governs my life. It is simply not something I require, and in all its forms it is something I have never truly entertained or desired. But that does not mean I cannot accept the needs and requirements of others. And that they should have the right to believe what they wish. If it does not impune upon me and mine… what should I care?

It would seem though, there are many who would promote the idea of a faithless world, for they have none themselves and see no need of it. I, an I-theist, would say to them that you are no better than the fundamentalist bigots upon which you hold such a raging torch for. If you would have everyone be as you are, then how is one way different than any other? Your way instead of theirs? Conformity and egalitarianism at its worst. A mutated communist affair of one thought, one mind, one purpose and one way. There are, even now several countries in the world which employ this doctrine, whether religious in design or no and I would invite each and every bigoted piece of shit to pick their poison and move on to one of these delightfully inviting places. For that is not the way of the freethinking, those who champion Liberty, Justice and Individualism in all its forms for all its people.

Those that would say, from whatever standpoint that a particular “way of life is wrong” should hold their tongue if they have indeed not sampled it firsthand. Never stepped foot in a church? Don’t talk as an authority on worship. Never talked to a combat veteran or family member? Don’t speak firsthand on the hardships of war. Never bothered to read up and ask a few questions on Satanism? Leave it to people qualified to speak for it.

For if you do, I would liken your opinions to those of a young man, who has watched gallons upon gallons of porn (you take that imagery as you will).. but couldn’t truthfully describe how it feels to lay in naked carnal bliss with their beloved, despite his every protest to the contrary. To writhe in ecstasy with that intimate and passionate connection where you feel so completely vulnerable, baring your innermost self to that other person. The smell and taste and sweat and smiles and laughs and tears that let you know you’re alive. Research does not an expert make. Study cannot simply be defined by books and lectures and readings.

You can say that it is wrong to have an abortion, and that all who entertain such an option are whores and bastards, to be burned in the fires of hell or branded abominations against decent society. But could you say how it feels to have no other option, to have made a mistake and have no honest way to raise a child? Have you shouldered the burden of your mistake, walked up to those clinic doors and stepped inside to end a life you’ll never know? Cried those tears for days, and weeks and months, even years ahead knowing that all along, for you, it was the right choice. If you have not, then leave your signs at home. Especially if those signs come from your interpretation of a fairy-tale book.

Whom among the ‘gay-bashers” has been so incredibly afraid to tell their parents that they loved someone of the same gender as them? To have that black pit of despair gnawing away your resolve from the inside out because you fear what may happen should you “come out”? To live a lie, not being able to express your true self and not knowing how or where life may take you. For if you forsake yourself, who could ever truly love and trust you? If you have never loved against the wishes of those whom hold expectations of you, how can you truly say it is wrong to feel such a way?
I could go on, and on and on for pages on examples like the above. Where those who decry and defame others have no true perspective of what they denounce. But there is an axiom I have endeavored to live by as much as possible, a constant reminder that opinion and contemplative meanderings mean very little in a world of innovation, action and productivity.

“Speak from experience or not at all, unless asked.” (Or writing a blog and people come of their own accord.)

Recognize that what may work for you, what may resonate and define you is most probably not the same as what another needs and desires. That we all have things we need in life, and quite often they are in contrast and contradiction to what others might feel, know or believe. And recognize that they, in their own way are perfectly ok without you and whatever “way” you may think they need to be. As long as they are not oppressing you or in turn telling you how you should be, a smile and “Pleasant day!” while being along your way is all one should ever expect.

Perhaps a call for different context is in order. Let us try this one; I am not a diabetic, but should I rail against those who have need of insulin, because they require something different than I in order to survive? And yes, I do consider religion (whatever it happens to be, in whatever form) to be a requirement in fulfilling ones life. Now if diabetics were running around trying to stick others with their needles, saying that we ALL need insulin in our lives… (which I find to be an appropriate analogy for over the top Evangelists and pushy Fundamentalists as well as the Militant Atheists) then I would take umbrage with their practices. And I most certainly do, for all those who would seek to indoctrinate and convert others I have nothing but the deepest of loathing and contempt.

But we quite frequently (more-so these days) rub shoulders and elbows and naughty bits with diabetics and are none the worse for wear. In fact, are quite often perfectly well off and sometimes better for it. Insulin and all. Would that we could all just be left to our own devices, seek out fellow individuals who feel and think as we do and simply not have to bother with the shit-disturbers and other’s who have the compulsion to remake everyone in the image of their own agenda.
I do not ask, nor would I ever that you walk a mile in another persons shoes. But I think it abominable and below contempt to say that any particular path that has been tread is wrong, simply because you do not agree with it. Or what is worse, cannot understand it.

Are there reasons why certain actions should be deemed inappropriate and against the standards of society? Of course. But you should do your damnedest to make sure that yours aren’t among them. So while there are plenty of things to rally against, uphold and defend or gather support for, equip yourself and set your sights upon the true terrors and villains of this world. Not the innocent, those that simply go about their lives earning an honest wage, with no intrusion upon the devices of others.

So if you find yourself spewing the same venom, hate and call for trans-formative action as those who differ in ideology as you… remember that your brand of shit is simply of a different color and dressing. Just flush the toilet, get off the pot and go do something productive. Like coming up with inventive ways to fuck with telemarketers… or how much of a lust rituals imagery you could possibly paint on your body when the missionaries come a knocking…

I’m told they like glitter and rouge…

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