Speech #6 – Your Everyday, Average, Psychic Phenomena

Let me first start out by stating that I do not believe in the supernatural, that is to say, properties of existence that occur outside our natural world. To me, that very definition is reserved for the fantasy worlds of science fiction. If it exists at all, it is within the realm of nature and thus is part of our reality. The realm of the paranormal, or supernormal as the case often is, are those unexplained occurrences in our world that have yet to be scientifically proven, that is to say, defined and understood. Which, given the current state of Western science methodologies and the militant materialistic viewpoint we are currently being stifled by, will most certainly be slow in coming.

What I promote has no basis in opinion and can be verified by studies and information provided from an extensive variety of resources. But the most important proof that one can have are the experiences in our own lives that lend credibility to what I will present to you forthwith. And I would, as always, ask that should you pursue your interests in this subject further, that you also give do consideration to the detractors and those of opposing views. It is doubt, not truth that allows us to make an educated and all-encompassing acceptance. After all, a one sided acceptance is merely non-dimensional ignorance in an appealing package.

We venture now NOT into uncharted territory, but into the comfortable confines of our everyday lives. Clear your preconceptions of coincidence, your labels of wishful thinking and your axiomatic prejudices of hocus pocus. For your thoughtful consideration, I offer the following as proclamations to our own, every day average psychic phenomena.

The Sense of Being Stared At –

You’re walking down the street and have that itch at the back of your neck, that twinge between your shoulder blades. You look around and the person behind you quickly looks away. Probably admiring your boisterously beautiful behind. But how did you know? Maybe everyone just has a penchant to review your righteous rump and you got lucky in catching someone this time. Yet, as delightful as all our derrieres admittedly are, our precious posteriors are not the point.

In multiple surveys conducted in Europe and North America in the late 90’s by Braud, Sheldrake and Cottrell, between 70% and 97% (depending on the region and survey conducted) of those asked confirmed that they had experienced the sense of being stared at, and then found that this was indeed the case. The majority of people also report that they have the converse experience, that is the say they have made people turn around by staring at them in turn.

Double blind and randomized trials have been done since the 60’s with significant statistical affirmations that these feelings are more than factors of chance or environmental allusions. A simple test of placing a subject with their back to the observer, and guessing as to whether they were being glared at or not is the most common method used. Alternate scenarios use one way mirrors, video recording and separate location monitoring and positive/negative reinforcement after each guess. On average, (with siblings and other closely related persons scoring statistically much higher than those unrelated) subjects guessed correctly about 60% of the time. Which when given the vast volumes of subjects and experimentations done, and that the chance of guessing correctly is 50%, this is staggering. We are talking of tens of thousands of subjects over the course of decades in multiple settings under various conditions by proponents and critics alike. Indeed it is difficult to find a person who will not admit to the feeling, and positive confirmation of having felt as if they were being stared at and how that feeling turned out to be right. It is common practice in the personal investigative fields, both private and departmental that when tailing, following or simply observing a subject, you focus on something entirely unrelated and slightly askew from the figure; otherwise they may very well be able to sense that they are being observed. Ladies, how many times have you had that feeling of being looked at, and glanced around to find you had an admiring gazer? And Gentleman, how often have you been appreciating a particularly attractive individual and had them turn around, or look your way? This is not limited to feelings of attraction though; scornful leering, angry scowls and curious nonchalance all have been recorded as viable verities with which to utilize this particular ability.

On to another common phenomena…

Thinking of Someone, and That Person Communicating With You

You’re sitting at home, thinking of a close childhood friend. You haven’t spoken in awhile, which isn’t uncommon given both of your busy lives these days. But just as you reminisce further about this dear friend, you receive a call on the telephone. You pick up the phone and answer. “Hey, I was just thinking of you. How’s it going?”

This type of telepathy, the term which is most simply defined as a mind to mind connection, has been recorded since the invention of instant communication first became available. This communication most commonly occurs between people who have a strong bond or emotional resonance with one another, parents, children, spouses and good friends. Simple tests set up, independently at universities in the Americas, as well as Amsterdam, Holland and Germany all report the same findings. Telephone tests, where one person chooses four others, emotionally connected to them in some way, wait for a call which is from one of the four chosen individuals (randomly determined by a third party and not the observer) and the recipient of the call must guess before picking up the phone who is on the line. By way of chance, there is a 25% probability that the person answering will be correct. But in repeated studies in different areas of the world, a very significant finding produces statistics between 40 and 45 % of the guesses being correct. Which may not sound like a lot when we live in such an A-Grade 100% mentality society, but in regards to collected scientific data the percentages are quite astounding. Especially given the many thousands of people surveyed who have not only admitted to having this experience in their everyday life, but also given the hundreds of test subjects that lend evidence to the theory that these phenomena are more than simple coincidence and happenstance.

Using these two main examples, there does of course leave much to be desired for the insightful, skeptical and inquiring individual. But I would be a poor presenter indeed if I did not mention the other avenues of research currently being undertaken in the field of psychic phenomena.

Animal friends and pets, most commonly dogs but also birds, cats and even pigs have been regularly known to show their anticipation of an arriving family member (with no auditory or physical cues on the part of other family members), their excitement in advance of going outside (before the owner had even made mention or preparations to take the animal outside) and even following out silent commands or suggestions with no physical instruction, telepathy in a word. Surveys conducted in England and California, and experiments by Lawlor and Turney in 1998 show that of several hundred individuals queried, nearly 55% of all pet owners have expressed significant psychic experiences with their furry friends, and even more admitting to “interesting occurrences” between themselves and their pets. It is of worth to note that these take place between emotionally bonded individuals in a symbiotic relationship of trust, friendship and love.

Or what of the bond between parents and their children? Feelings of anxiety, grief or elation have been felt from afar, attributed to substantial real life experiences. You sometimes KNOW there is something wrong. Or can FEEL that something went right. How?

A personal experience in this, I will briefly share with you.

When I was a government contractor in Iraq, I was not able to talk with my wife every day, working 12 hours a day or more, 7 days a week, and her having a busy schedule at the Nuclear Engineering School in Charleston, South Carolina. We had spoken the previous day, and I was not intending to call her that Saturday night because it was shaping up to be a particularly atrocious day. A sand storm was coming in, we had three convoys arriving for mail pickup from the off-site satellite bases and there was a ton of other things to get done. During a mail inspection, I had this terrible feeling in my gut, which I attributed to the fact that maybe there was something hiding in the package I was inspecting and I did a more thorough job. But after finding nothing, my thoughts immediately turned to my wife and I had a very offsetting feeling of anxiety. I excused myself from the line and tried to call my wife. No answer came. Figuring she was perhaps just asleep, I let it alone. But I tried back every fifteen minutes because the feeling would not go away. My stomach was constantly flip-flopping, I couldn’t focus and my leg would shake involuntarily. Several hours later, I received a call from my wife. Her and some friends had been out drinking, and although they had a designated driver, not a drop in him, he took a sharp u turn too fast and crashed the car into the concrete divider, mangling it up pretty bad, basically totally the car. My wife’s knees had hit the dashboard, her being in the front passenger seat and her already precarious lower back and hip issues have never really recovered from it. The time of my initial feelings were several minutes, around the time they got into the car, before they crashed into the divider. She hadn’t answered her phone because they had put their phones in the trunk along with their keys, to be safe and ensure they didn’t go anywhere drunk. But how did I know? How can materialistic science explain this feeling? I’m not saying it WAS telepathy, or a precognitive sixth sense, but it happened just as described and I can find no supporting theory from any other source explaining this experience. I have never met a person who did not personally have, or been part of such an experience. Maybe we are all just crazy. It is all coincidence, happenstance, chance, luck, delusion. Or maybe, it is a natural occurrence, a complete and practical part of our reality, of the world and of every living creature. With so many people having experienced all of these instances of unexplained phenomena and more, perhaps there is something to it. As always, I am not interested so much in what is necessarily “true”, but in what works.

I could present for hours on end about these occurrences and more, revealing an even more detailed and in depth analysis of these common, everyday psychic phenomena. Many questions have no doubt been raised in your mind by my introduction to such a broad and varied topic. But I assure you that if you look into these topics further, you will find that brilliant minds, both for and against the possibility of psychic abilities have done a most thorough job of testing, examining and revealing the information available. The choice on whether you come to accept what is presented, as always, is left to you.

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