Sweet Loves Release

Say you’ll haunt me in my dreams, And all the time that’s in between

With memories that will replace, all the times I’ve had to face

The painful absence of your presence

Tell me what I want to hear, simply whisper in my ear

As our warmth collides in sweet embrace, forever more

That you’ll remember me and that I’m yours

Show me how I make you feel, with tearful eyes and lustful zeal

I’ll ease your pain and let you in, my dark designs from fettered gains

The bond of body, heart and mind delicious-ly intertwined.

Feel my dark flame burn against a black wind blowing

In throes of passion; a writhing, changing, yearning fire growing

The seeded core begging for release, a volcanic lust exploding forth

Ride with me on devils wings, aloft in brimstone vents and nether springs

Assuage your guilt from boundless ties, sweet play dipped deep in lovers thyme

Caress yourself upon my being, passion proclaimed and minds dizzy, reeling

Spend yourself around my love, fulfill that which you need and want

A deep-set gem pried forth from old, enveloped in its faceted fold

Sweet loves nectar tenderly seeded, combined in rapture upon sweat that’s beaded

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