A Spy in the House of God

For centuries, wiser men and stronger Gods than I have counseled those around them that only through understanding yourself, knowing your adversary, pursuing your dreams and confronting your fears can one be a formidable individual of potency, worthy of awe and reverence. It is through study leading to undefiled wisdom, not the willful ignorance of worship that one discovers reality as it truly is, not the spoon fed truths doled out to the masses.

But just as the great civilizations of the ages fell to the disease and corruption of decadence and complacency, so too can the greatest among us fall to ruin from the forgetting of the orthodoxies of yesterday and in the self-deceit that comes from solipsism and lack of perspective. Indeed, with great power comes great responsibility… to yourself. Do not succumb to your pride and the empty posturing that can come from the championing of liberty and individualism.

And it is from these teachings, from Sun Tzu to Anton S. LaVey, Thomas Paine to Henry L. Mencken and every other poet, freethinker and promoter of thoughtful introspection and responsibility to the responsible that I find myself with the aspirations that I do. It is not enough, and should never be enough to find yourself agreeing with the words and reflections of those you admire and respect, no matter their experience or source. And unto the point of exhaustion this should most importantly hold true for the words you speak to yourself.

I’ll not begrudge the prejudice, bigotry and judgments of those who have done their due diligence and made an honest appraisal of that which they decry and defame. They have earned their right to despise that which they have found to be wanting, and that which does not serve them. Yet if in discourse I find that they are simply another sheep among the herd, a bleating bundle of wool and dross… then Fiat justitia ruat caelum!

Whereupon, I seek to broaden my perspective of what those whom identify as I do, hold in the most profound of revulsion’s. And rightly so if the untouched history books, first-hand accounts and general state of the present world are any indicator of their actions. For millennia, religions the world over have held the world in a grip of lunacy, dictating through the lens of insanity while garbed in the tempting façade of love, tolerance and peace.

For one who has never been subjected to the harsh and damning dogma of a religious family, or persecuted from an overtly faith based figure of authority I cannot allow myself to fall into the hypocrisy of the arm-chair philosopher. No matter how much I read or hear, it cannot be held as canon that which others profess in word or writ. This devil must indulge himself in the experience of the faithful masses and judge for himself that which billions the world over hold so dear to their hearts.

I am Citizen Milton C and I am A Spy in the House of God.

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