A Happiness They Shall Never Know

For all of us, I think there is something that should be kept into perspective. A certain perspective that is, the Satanic perspective. Whether you are open or not, or more appropriately are able and willing to be open about whom and what you are, there is something that can be observed about the world around us and the people with whom we interact with every day.

I should first ask you, dear reader, this question. Are you happy? I don’t mean all the time, you would be insane and delusional if you were, but happy in general. With who you are and where you’re going in life? Do you wake up and feel ready for another day (cups of coffee notwithstanding), pleased to have another chance to further yourself and your designs one step more? If the answer is “no” or even “eh, kind of” I’d have to ask, with all due respect and courtesy of course… WHY BY ALL THE FUCKING POWERS OF HELL NOT!?!?!

We are the strong, the aware, the responsible. We choose to not just float adrift in the ocean of life, but command the rudder and steer it towards the course we choose, and the machinations involved should be within our control and design as much as possible. We do not turn over the wheel to some “higher power” or the will of another. Every day, even on the crappy ones, I feel that black flame burning deep within me, fueling me forward. That black flame is the courage, accountability and self-respect of our kind to not allow ourselves to devolve into what so much of the rest of the world has.

Do to a happy, productive and courteous nature I tend to be the person many people in both my personal and professional life come to, to talk and unload (most usually confess) their difficulties with. I am a good listener (so I am told) and provide sound, helpful advice if it is asked of me. I’ll admit, I find it quite gratifying to tell a devout (read religious) person who is having problems to take charge and get on with being the strong and accountable individual they should be, because no one is going to help them but themselves, and see that light-bulb of delusional god-worship dim just a little. Be discreet and don’t be surprised if they throw God into the mix somewhere, but some of them do genuinely get it from our perspective, whether they realize it or not.

Some might feel that as these people are choosing to come to me with their problems, I have every right to judge them. And I would agree. I do judge them, but not outwardly or in any abusively accusing manner. (For those reading this that find yourselves in the same nitch as I, you know exactly how amazingly valuable the information shared can be. Ostracizing such a position would be throwing away a most useful weapon in ones arsenal.) And I choose to, with no small amount of pride in the matter, keep the closest of confidences. A great man (you know of whom I speak fellow Citizen’s) once detailed how a secret kept is a thousand times more powerful than a secret told. I liken this to two people, both with a firearm of their choice (that firearm being their personality), and where the thoughtful and reserved (namely, powerful) individual keeps his loaded and ready, the other seeks to shoot off his ammunition (shared information and secrets) in a display of power and showmanship. But when that clip is empty and the interested crowd observes the accuracy of their aim and the size of the resulting holes, they can react accordingly. But that man with the gun, fully loaded and that knowing little grin on his face, that is the wielder of power with whom to respect, and fear. Now which would you choose to align yourself with? With whom would you stand, holding your own firearm? As an equal, and supporter of the person with the loaded gun in their hand the same as you? Or as champion (most usually soon to read “Martyr”) and in lone defense of the one no longer able to defend even themselves? If you’re a Satanist, you’ve already made the choice.

Of course, if listening to the troubles of others is not your bag of brimstone, drop that odorous sack and carry on with your own designs. I detailed the above because I feel that all of us, though individuals and all different in our desires and proclivities, should be able to some extent be that person. And it is through this, much of which I would ascribe to Lesser Magic and the myriad of uses it has, that I have heard so many sad sack sob stories where in nearly all cases the fault was their own, through either action or inaction but in all cases it was because of their lack of responsibility. These people who believe in something guiding them (God’s will, the love of the Goddess, etc.) and this entity having a plan for them are allowing some imaginary force to direct the path their life takes. Which, if it were real would just mean that they are simply slaves. But they are sadly just weak and insane. At least as slaves there would actually be some guiding force behind them. (For more on Slavery, see Michael Roses book Infernalia, a most delightful collection of articles and diatribes.) Sickeningly, not only are they unable to take accountability for their own life’s misery and strife, they are completely unable to have any sense of satisfaction and pride when they actually do accomplish something of worth. “Praise Jesus! It’s a Miracle! Hallelujah! Blessed Be! Thank God!” If these pathetic ejaculations of tribute don’t fill you with a small sense of revulsion, please take this time now to give yourself a good wallop in the sternum. We’ll wait for you.

And onwards, ever forward.

They give thanks and credit to an absurd belief and idea, giving no glory where it is do. The vast majority cannot even revel in their triumphs, and what’s more think it is “sinful” thing to do so. We all know how terrible pride can be after all. *Insert crooked smile and wink here.*

We know better. We accept our mistakes and failings but do all in our power to correct them and own up to them (sometimes if only to ourselves), becoming stronger and happier through our determination to live a gratifying life of joy. The pleasure we receive through achieving a productive result to a device we instituted is our doing and we take rightful pride and satisfaction in this. The herd, the sheeple, the drones and the weak will never know such joy as we know. Just as they will never know such sorrow and despair as we do, unclouded and visceral as it can be, primal and real. But the rewards for bringing forth the Promethean flame of carnal passion and resourceful industry are ours to claim. While they pray on their knees with wails unheard and tears of empty shame, we will stand on our feet to do what must be done, our Is To Be’s. 

For ours is truly a joy, a passion, a happiness that they could never begin to fathom. Through the inky depths we plumb with Leviathan, the earthly delights we sow with Belial, the radiant heights we soar with Lucifer and the furious flames we stoke with Satan we will stand strong and proud in both our despair as well as exultation’s and we will own up and take credit where it is do. So raise your glass, drink deeply and make sure to smile often, cry when you need to and most of all, enjoy the hell out of life. You’re a fucking Satanist after all!

So It Is Done!



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